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What is Three to Succeed?

The Fairfax County Youth Survey results indicate that when children and youth have three or more positive, protective factors/assets in their lives, they are more likely to manage stress, make better choices, and develop healthy habits.

The graphs on this page show how students' behaviors vary in relation to their number of assets. For example, select the "Alcohol" category to see how the percentage of students that use alcohol changes based on their number of assets.

The Six Assets in this Graph Are...

  • Can Ask Parents for Help with Personal Problems
  • Performs Community Service Once a Month or More
  • Feels It Is Important to Accept Responsibility for Actions
  • Does Extracurricular Activities Once a Month or More
  • Teachers Recognize Good Work
  • Could Talk to Adults in Community about Something Important

How to use this page:

1. Select the group or question you want to examine

  • In the first row, you can select a group of related questions.
    • For example, the 'Alcohol' group has 'Lifetime Alcohol Use', 'Past Month Alcohol Use', and 'Binge Drinking'.
  • Or you can select an individual question in the second row.
    • Click the drop-down to see all questions. You can type in this box to search through the list. For example, type 'marijuana' to show only questions containing that word.
  • After selecting a question, click Generate Graph to create your custom graph and data table.

2. Additional Options

  • You optionally can filter the data by selecting a grade, gender, race/ethnicity, or sexual orientation in the last row. This will show only data for the selected group(s).