How to Use the Trends Page:

1. Select the question you want to examine

  • In the first row, click the Select a question drop-down to view all questions. You can type in this box to search through the list.
    • For example, type 'marijuana' to show only questions containing that word.
  • You can also filter the questions list by selecting a category in the All categories drop-down.
    • Select 'Drugs' to show only questions related to drugs.
  • After selecting a question, click Generate Graph to create your custom graph and data table.

2. (Optional) Group Data

  • You optionally can group the data by grade, gender, race/ethnicity, or sexual orientation. The graph will display separate lines for each demographic group.
    • For example, you can select 'Gender' to see separate lines for Female and Male.

Note: There was no survey conducted in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.